jueves, 5 de enero de 2017

Communicating with Millennials: Understanding Their Approach to Health

As Millennials reevaluate the healthcare landscape, they look far beyond the traditional patient-doctor relationship…

  • Compared with 68% of their Boomer counterparts, only 41% of Millennials feel doctors are their best source of information 
  • Millennials are placing their trust in “Dr. Google.” 39% of Millennials say that they are satisfied with advice received from online resources such as WebMD and Mayo Clinic, and almost 30% say they do not have a primary care physician 
  • Millennials use health as a means of forming communities as they gravitate toward partners in health, rather than authorities 

For Millennials, health is no longer just "the absence of illness"—it is a proactive pursuit for wellness that encompasses mental health, nutrition, sleeping habits, and exercise. 

At ghg, we have developed the tools needed to communicate with Millennials in a way that resonates with their understanding of what it takes to be healthy in today’s world.

By engaging in an open dialogue, and recognizing Millennials’ transformation of the healthcare system, we are poised to help brands connect with this generation in new, more meaningful, ways.

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