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The Hidden Side of Clinical Trials / Sile Lane

The Hidden Side of Clinical Trials | Sile Lane: 

Sub-clinical trials are those big tests where some people are given a new medicine and some other people are given a different medicine or no medicine at all to test whether the new medicine works and to see if it's safe.

 What I’m about to tell you will shock you. It shocked me the first time I heard about it, and frankly it still shocks me. When you go to a doctor and they prescribe you medicine, you presume it’s been tested and we know everything we need to know about whether it works, right? 
Well, guess what? 
A lot of the time, that’s just not the case. And this is because around half of the clinical trials that have been carried out on medicines that we use today have never published results. So we don’t know what was found out about our medicines in around half of the biggest trials that have happened on them.

Síle Lane is director of campaigns and policy at Sense about Science, a charity concerned with the use and abuse of scientific evidence in public life. Síle helps run the global AllTrials campaign for clinical trial transparency which is supported by thousands of people and organisations worldwide. 

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