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Lo hizo ya Allergan

Allergan’s CEO speaks out on limiting drug prices. ‘Somebody had to take the first step’

Yet another major drug maker is pledging to limit price hikes. In an open letter discussing the cost of medicines, Novo Nordisk President Jakob Riis promised not to raise the list price of any medicine by more than single-digit percentages annually. “This is one action we are taking immediately,” he wrote on the company web site. The message was actually posted (...), but not immediately publicized by the company, which specializes in diabetes drugs. 

We hear from more and more people living with diabetes about the challenges they face affording healthcare, including the medicines we make. 
We take this issue seriously and have been thinking about what we can do to better support patients,” Riis explained. 
This has become a responsibility that needs to be shared among all those involved in healthcare and we’re going to do our part.”

In doing so, Novo Nordisk is following a suggestion made publicly by Allergan chief executive Brent Saunders, who three months ago issued a “social contract” with the same goal, although he conceded some exceptions may occur. 
Since then, Saunders has repeatedly maintained that the idea will not become meaningful if other large drug makers do not take the same step. 
In a statement today, he urged more companies to take “pro-active steps to self-regulate pricing.” The move comes as the rising cost of prescription drugs is a topic of increasing concern. (Más)

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