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Ratón de biblioteca: Darwin´s Medicine / Brian D. Smith

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Darwin’s Medicine is the sequel to Brian D. Smith’s influential and critically acclaimed Future of Pharma (Gower, 2011). 


Ratón de biblioteca: The Future of Pharma / Brian D. Smith

Whereas the earlier book predicted the evolution of the pharmaceutical market and the business models of pharmaceutical companies, Darwin’s Medicine goes much deeper into the drivers of industry change and how leading pharmaceutical and medical technology companies are adapting their strategies, structures and capabilities in practice. 

Through the lens of evolutionary science, Professor Smith explores the speciation of new business models in the Life Sciences Industry. 
This sophisticated and highly original approach offers insights into: 

  • The mechanisms of evolution in this exceptional industry; 
  • The six great technological and social shifts that are shaping its landscape; 
  • The emergence of 26 distinct, new business models; and 
  • The lessons that enable firms to direct and accelerate their own evolution. 

These insights map out the industry’s complex, changing landscape and provide an invaluable guide to those firms seeking to survive and thrive in this dynamic market. 

The book is essential reading for anyone working in or studying the pharmaceutical, medical technology and related sectors. It provides a unique and novel way of making sense of the transformation we can see going on around us and a practical, focused approach to managing a firm’s evolutionary trajectory. (Ver)

 "If you work in the pharma, 
medtech or related sectors, 
you're in for a series of shocks".

Three Future Shocks for the Life Science Industry

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