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MMM 2016: Top 5 Health Influencers

IBM has pointed its charismatic super­computer Watson at the big data challenge, led by Deborah DiSanzo, a pioneer in the field of automated external defibrillators, former CEO of $10 billion health-tech company Philips Healthcare, and now GM and head of Watson Health. (Más)

She also began an initiative to align the company's firms and holding companies more closely with its global megabrands in an effort to develop ideas that can be used more consistently around the world. 
Lewis oversees a 400-strong marketing unit at a company dealing with an evolving crisis stemming from lawsuits over its use of talcum powder, which plaintiffs have claimed causes cancer. 

Part of the company's strategy lies with its training and development group, which focuses on modern marketing capabilities. She also holds an all-hands-on-deck community call for J&J's marketers around the world each quarter to help staffers keep up with the pace of change. 

Lewis was previously VP of strategic marketing for Coca-Cola's North American unit. The position enabled her to visit dozens of countries, and she has described it as "the best schooling in marketing." She began her career in brand management at Kraft Foods in Canada.(Más)
Sally's commitment to building healthcare capacity and expanding access to medicines is unwavering. She has redefined Pfizer's role in society through provocative storytelling and thoughtful questioning. Sally sets herself apart by challenging the status quo, keeping an open mind, and recognizing we sometimes need to take the road not traveled to make a positive change. Her leadership has allowed our company to truly make a mark in healthcare, putting patients first. We are all the better for it.(Más)

Several years ago, when Gilead Sciences priced Sovaldi, at the time its soon-to-be-blockbuster hepatitis C cure, at $1,000 a pill, it was Miller, speaking on behalf of Express Scripts, who loudly voiced disapproval of the pricing model. For the last year or so, his tone has softened as has that of Express Scripts, but the company's repeated criticism of high drug prices has been a significant reason why pricing is a subject of national discussion. 

"We've played a big part in generating that," he told MM&M earlier this year. 
He says Express Scripts is ready to collaborate with drugmakers. But is pharma ready to reciprocate? (Más)

He has spearheaded his agency's efforts in that regard, trying to expand the kinds of information available to sales forces and break down segmentation among providers, a good example being Ogilvy's partnership with Medikly, a cloud-based physician-profiling platform that constantly adds new sources of information.

"It offers an almost-endless possibility of getting deeper and deeper behavioral and attitudinal insights to individual physicians and it's uploaded to the cloud, so it's accessible in real time for any kind of strategic query," he said. (Más)

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