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Big Pharma: Is Trump friend or foe/amigo o enemigo?


 Publicado por Charles D. Rosen July 22, 2016 

Charles D. Rosen, MD, is cofounder and president of the Association for Medical Ethics and clinical professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine. 

As a physician, I believe that Trump is absolutely right about allowing cheaper pharmaceutical drugs manufactured abroad to be sold in the United States. 
He is right that the pharmaceutical companies essentially sell their products to the federal government via Medicare and Medicaid without competitive bidding. In other areas of the budget, such as defense, federal laws require competitive bidding. It is outrageous this doesn’t occur with drugs and devices, especially since the health care budget is right behind defense in terms of expense. 

Trump is right when he says that drug companies control the landscape. He appears to be willing to call it as it is and not worry about repercussions from the powerful drug interests, and has moved in the right direction in saying he would let Medicare negotiate with pharmaceutical companies if he becomes president. 

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, accepted more cash from pharmaceutical companies in the first six months of her campaign than any other candidate in either party
This lessens the potency of her claims to take similar action and suggests yet again disingenuous declarations. 
If she claims to be such an enemy of Big Pharma, then why are they contributing to her campaign?(...) 

Big Pharma is big business; its objective is to make money for its stockholders
There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t be fooled by the avalanche of ads positioning these corporations as do-gooders. 
It’s well-known that drug companies’ budgets for marketing are higher than for R&D. 
That false tune of the cost of innovation is plain stupid and a lie

Unlike Hillary Clinton, whose campaign coffer is loaded with contributions from drug companies, Trump has barely dipped into that pot of besmirched gold. Yes, Trump is defying Republican dogma, but he’s honestly and forthrightly calling Big Pharma on its Big Baloney. Say what you will about Donald Trump. He’s right about drug companies.


Big Pharma apuesta por Clinton...

USA hoy: El "precio" de/en una apuesta electoral... 



Should President Donald Trump make drug makers relieved? 
Or anxious? 

They’re not sure. 

On the one hand, it was Clinton who pledged repeatedly to crack down on prescription drug prices during the campaign. It was a Democratic takeover of Washington that was considered the drug industry’s “worst-case scenario.” Republicans now fully control the federal government.

 And yet.

Trump broke with conservative orthodoxy when he said he wants Medicare to directly negotiate the prices it pays for prescription drugs. He endorses price transparency for the entire health care system. He supports allowing drugs to be imported from other countries. All of those policies are vigorously opposed by drug makers. 

And he’s called vowed to take on the powerful pharma lobby. 

Drug costs weren’t a priority for Trump on the campaign trail, and his populist tendencies may be tempered by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. 

But that’s the thing. It’s impossible to be sure. (Más)

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