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Ratón de biblioteca: No / Carl Djerassi

"This novel is set in the 1970's-80's. Renu Krishnan fulfils the wildest Cinderella dreams of scientists everywhere. She makes pathbreaking discoveries about NO, then marries her Israeli research partner who developed the MUSA device. She leaves academia because she sees very few women of colour who have succeeded there. Instead, she enters biotech business (somehow she does not see that most immigrant women of colour have had to struggle there too). A company is formed to get FDA approval for NO and MUSA, to market to the public. All the founders become very rich. In the end, Renu has financial security, a husband, and two children. To fulfil her scientific dreams, she heads up the in-house research within her company and will devote herself to the science that launched her in the first place. Only now, unlike regular academics, she does not have to spend her days writing and rewriting grant applications for funding, but has a free ride and free rein for at least five years. We would ALL love to be so lucky." (Más)

 Cutting edge research on human reproductive biology in the hothouse atmosphere of Silicon Valley is the focus of this last installment in Carl Djerassi's pioneering "science-in-fiction" tetralogy.

 Renu Krishnan is an Indian-born, American-educated scientist who discovers how "No" (nitric oxide) can help men with erectile dysfunction, which describes the research behind Viagra. At the same time, her husband, Israeli scientist Jephtah Cohn, develops a new approach to ovulation prediction, which again is based on current medical research.  
Djerassi brings back many characters from his three earlier novels for a satisfying conclusion in the high-stakes world of biotechnology.

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