lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Creatividad: Día Internacional de la poesía / Wordpharmacy, Morten Søndergaard

Cada año, el 21 de marzo, la UNESCO celebra el Día Mundial de la Poesía y nos invita a reflexionar sobre el poder del lenguaje poético y el florecimiento de las capacidades creadoras de cada persona. 

La decisión...fue aprobada por la UNESCO durante su 30º periodo de sesiones, que se celebró en París en 1999.

"It started in the aural slippage 
between Valium and verbs."
Morten Søndergaard

 The Wordpharmacy consist of ten medicine boxes, each representing one of the ten word classes. 

Each box contains a leaflet that functions as an instructional poem, guiding the reader’s ingestion of the given word class. 

If you lack verbs in your life or if you want to know whether you can use prepositions if you are pregnant or you are in desperate need of numerals, then help is at hand. 

Wordpharmacy combines the structure of language with the healing principles of various medicaments. Like pills, language is something to be consumed by the body, and in turn it does not only affect our conceptions of things, but it also comes to designate our very corporal movability in the world. Consequently, words are not only something we consume, they are refractory entities that in turn define and consume us.  

Wordpharmacy can be seen as a poetical gesture endeavouring to let words work their magic from within the body itself. 

The Wordpharmacy is written and produced by the danish poet Morten Søndergaard

 The Wordpharmacy has be shown in several cities like Paris and London and Berlin and Bangor and Tromsø and Voss.

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