martes, 2 de febrero de 2016

NOVARTIS: "Recortes" para 2016...

Net sales at Novartis fell by 5% in 2015 – prompting the company to make billion-dollar changes to its business and management structure, to “drive even greater efficiency and innovation.” 

 The fall in sales still represented a 5% increase on 2014 sales at a constant currency, which accounts for international currency fluctuation. 

 Sales were $49.4 billion in 2015, down from $52.2 billion in the previous year. The sales were largely driven by the company’s ‘growth products’, in particular in the pharmaceuticals division – which offset ‘weak’ sales in the company’s eye care company Alcon. There was also growth in emerging markets, led by Turkey (up 16% at constant currency), Brazil (+14%) and China (+5%). (...)

As it braces for increased competition and the effect on its bottom line, Novartis announced it will ‘ramp-up’ a series of corporate changes and restructures. 

The changes are “expected to generate over $1 billion in annual cost savings by 2020… [with] one-time restructuring costs of approximately $1.4 billion spread over 5 years.”(Más)
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