viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Murio Black / Colin Vearncombe*. Nos deja su "Wonderful Life"

It's a wonderful wonderful life 
No need to laugh and cry 
It's a wonderful wonderful life

Here I go out to sea again
The sunshine fills my hair

And dreams hang in the air
Gulls in the sky and in my blue eyes
You know it feels unfair
There's magic everywhere
Look at me standing
Here on my own again
Up straight in the sunshine
No need to run and hide
It's a wonderful wonderful  life
No need to laugh and cry
It's a wonderful wonderful  life
The sun's in your eyes
The heat is in your hair
They seem to hate you because you're there
And I need a friend
Oh I need a friend to make me happy
Not stand here on my own
I need a friend
Oh I need a friend
To make me happy
Not so alone

(*) Black/ Colin Vearcombe

We’re dreaming if we think we’re more than seeming to

Want the things we wanted then but only now

Without me or you

I’m not pretending

that this is everything and ending

We can go to hell if that’s where we want to go

But why would you?  

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