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EP Vantage 2016 Preview (II): Biggest Launches 2016

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The biggest forecast launch is that of an antiviral. Gilead Sciences has been so heavily invested in hepatitis C in recent years that it is easy to forget its strength in HIV. The upcoming year will be a return to form, as tenofovir alafenamide, already part of the California-based group’s Genvoya, will make a single-molecule launch. On the strength of reduced toxicity, compared with many of Gilead’s combination therapies, this prodrug is now forecast to hit $3.7bn in worldwide sales in 2020 and outsell all of the group’s HIV offerings except Stribild

Roche at last joins the immuno-oncology chase with its entry atezolizumab, with first approval for the PD-L1 antibody likely to come in non-small cell lung cancer or bladder cancer. The third biggest launch by forecast 2020 sales also belongs to the Swiss group, with its multiple sclerosis project ocrelizumab helping it to branch out from its strong suit of cancer-fighting agents. 

Hepatology is also due to make a strong showing in 2016, with Merck’s hepatitis C doublet grazoprevir/elbasvir slated to start building toward $2.1bn in sales, while Intercept Pharmaceuticals expects to get obeticholic acid (OCA) off the ground in the relatively small indication of primary biliary cirrhosis. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is set to become a much bigger contributor to OCA sales over time.(Más)

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