jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2015

Adios 2015 / Adieu Fossil Fuels...con los mejores deseos.

Adios 2015...

Victory! The end of fossil fuels has begun...

World leaders at the UN climate talks have just set a landmark goal that can save everything we love! 
This is what we marched for, what we signed, called, donated, messaged, and hoped for: a brilliant and massive turning point in human history.

It’s called net-zero human emissions -- a balancing of what we release into the air and what is taken out -- and when the dust settles and the Paris Agreement is in the hands of lawmakers, clean energy will be the best, cheapest, and most effective way to keep their promise. This gives us the platform we need to realize the dream of a safe future for generations! 

This moment took a movement. In the last weeks, our community has played an extraordinary role to help push through this historic deal. After we smashed global records, marching in the hundreds of thousands all over the globe, we brought our voices into the summit -- literally -- with a chorus of members’ personal messages as delegates entered, Avaaz staff then delivered our petition directly to the UN Secretary-General, kicking off an incredible string of campaigns. (Más)

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