jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins of Product Launches (III): Sin #3 Electric numbers

By Stan Bernard

Electric numbers 

Using outdated marketing tools and tactics. Many pharmaceutical companies and their partner agencies deploy obsolete launch techniques and promotional tactics. For example, numerous launch teams continue to rely on lengthy product positioning statements, product messages, and sales aids. However, in today’s text-heavy, six-second video world, these protracted approaches are tuned out. Doctors, patients, and other constituents today simply cannot keep up with the overwhelming number and amount of different products, trials, data, and details. Consequently, these stakeholders form an overall perception of the different products and select the product with which they feel most comfortable. 

Brand teams need to use simpler, more concise communications to convey the optimal perception of a product instead of the details. For example, Janssen used three short “i-Bites” instead of messages to promote Xarelto on its website and elsewhere: 

  • proven efficacy across multiple patient types;” 
  • demonstrated safety profile;” and 
  • convenient oral dosing.” 

Launch teams that create a clear, concise campaign communication platform for their drug candidate usually perform dramatically better than those focusing on countless product details and messages.

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