sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2015

Esteve Foundation: "Filantrocapitalismo" en I+D

Whereas foundations, individual donations, and philanthropic investors account for about 5% of total spending on in the European Union, these sources account for less than 1% in Spain. Philanthropy, venture philanthropy, and equity instruments for R&I are underdeveloped and are relatively unheard of among hospitals and research foundations. 

The deficit in private funding is partly the result of a lack of properly focused communication and fundraising strategies. Scientists and research institutions have concentrated their efforts on communicating with the scientific community, while largely neglecting to communicate with other key elements in society and the general public; consequently, philanthropy has scarcely developed. 

Against this background, la Caixa Foundation, the Esteve Foundation, and Itemas have joined forces to enable this conference on September 18, 2015. (Ver)
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