martes, 21 de abril de 2015

Productive (Pharma) Innovation Index 2015

Productive innovation in the pharma industry is at an all-time high. The FDA approved the highest number of drugs last year (44) since 1996. During the past two years, the industry has also witnessed a crop of new drugs that have quickly earned blockbuster status, best exemplified by Gilead’s Sovaldi, which has become the fastest growing mega blockbuster of all time. So much for the prophecy that the blockbuster model is dead…

The Productive Innovation Index (PII), now in its fifth year, provides a systematic, objective assessment of how well the top 30 companies perform in bringing new medicines to market successfully.

With the 2015 ranking, we see a number of companies who were outside the top 10 last year make it into the upper rungs. These companies have been star performers – Gilead, Biogen, Amgen and Celgene have all climbed rapidly. Big Pharma delivered a so-so set of results. While J&J, Novartis, Roche and Bayer can count themselves as the best players in the Big Pharma bracket, for the likes of BMS, GSK, Sanofi and Pfizer, it has been a year to forget.

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