viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Ratón de biblioteca: The Price of Global Health/ Ed Schoonveld

Ed Schoonveld does an extraordinary job of making one of the most complex and vital topics in the industry intelligible to both new and experienced audiences. Best of all, he leverages case studies and straightforward frameworks to provide a pragmatic approach for mastering the theory of global pricing and access. I keep his book in easy reach for my own reference or to share with others. 
Susanne Laningham, Executive Director Global Value Access & Policy, Amgen Inc. 

 This book gives a great overview and offers several perspectives on drug pricing issues. It provides comprehensive new insights such as the need to take benefits assessments of pharmaceuticals into consideration during all steps of drug development and market access. The mix of theory, in the form of underlying arguments and analytical frameworks, along with practical and up-to-date real-world solutions, makes this book an outstanding reference. 
Thomas Mueller, Head of Pharmaceutical Department Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (Federal Joint Committee), Germany 

The Price of Global Health is the most informative and comprehensive book I have read on the topic of global pharmaceutical pricing and market access. Ed is able to distill complex topics into simplified and pragmatic frameworks, including insightful perspectives on market segmentation, communicating value, and pricing. The final section provides a useful reference, describing how key global healthcare systems are structured and their approach for assessing value. I have recommended this book for members of my team as part of their initial training. 
David Kaplan, Senior Advisor, Global Payer Market Research, Eli Lilly.

Ed Schoonveld is one of the leading experts in Global Pharmaceutical Pricing and Market Access. He has unparalleled experience as head of Global Market Access and Pricing functions in Wyeth, Lilly and BMS, and as a consulting leader in Cambridge/IMS and a number of other organizations. Ed is providing strategic consulting and research solutions to healthcare industry clients as Managing Principal and Practice Leader for the Market Access and Pricing practice at ZS Associates.

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