jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

De la "ignomínia" (y mercenarismo) en la investigación clínica...

Hey, we need a doctor to provide an endorsement for our supplement pill. You will be provided with research to support the product's benefits. The clinical study. The user testimonials. The advertisement. Even the endorsement for your approval. You will simply be asked to approve the endorsement... sign a simple agreement saying you allow us to use your endorsement in our advertising. If you are selected you will be paid $2,000 for your endorsement. This is a one time payment. You must be a qualified M.D. or N.D. with relevant credentials. Doctors from all countries should apply. Preference will be given to U.S. doctors. Please reply with your credentials and experience. Thanks. (Ver)

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 Desired Skills 

 Advertising, Google AdWords, Internet Marketing

Gracias al "pitazo" del Dr. Julio Bonis.

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