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Marketing farmacéutico significa...guerra.

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Curso Postgrado Mktg. farmacéutico/Fac. Farmacia, Univ. Central de Vzla. (UCV)

When I retired from the military, I decided to write a book that would capture my leadership experiences and lessons learned. I took 35 years in the Army and four years at West Point and condensed it to nine leadership principles, with a focus on faith and family. 
The book is entitled Adapt or Die: Leadership Principles from an American General

Adaptive leadership is relevant to all segments of society, but it is especially critical to the pharmaceutical industry. It is imperative to build adaptive leaders and adaptive organizations. In today’s environment, circumstances change almost continuously. Resources that were counted on are no longer available. Weather, war, natural disasters all impact what we are doing day to day.

The title of my book was carefully chosen. 

In the military, if leaders and organizations didn’t adapt, folks literally died. 
In corporate America, if leaders don’t adapt, organizations will self destruct—the analogous experience of “death in life.”
Nine ways to lead
I don’t want that to happen to our nation’s pharmaceutical industry. What you do is too important. In that vein, I offer up some observations to enable you and your organizations to be more adaptive.
  • Terms of engagement.
  • Strength in stability.
  • Decision time—why rush?
  • Downward mobility.
  • Demand, don’t demean.
  • Open communication.
  • Seek a supportive mix.
  • Mentee, mentor.
  • Have a blast.
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