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Advertorial BMS

EL MUNDO (España)

1 febrero 2015

Slide: F.Comas Curso Postgrado Mktg Farmacéutico
Facultad Farmacia Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)

 Marketers can determine if an advertorial is worth their investment by asking the following questions. A positive response to one or more indicates that an advertorial may be worthwhile. 

  • Is there a new understanding of the disease process that may lay the foundation for the introduction of more targeted therapies? 
  • Does the company have a new message regarding a specific disease-state pathogenesis? 
  • Do healthcare professionals need to be made more aware of a given disease or treatment option? 
  • Is there currently a lack of appreciation or understanding regarding a given condition? 
  • Are there new efficacy or safety benefits that healthcare professionals need to be made aware of? 
  • Is there a reason to establish a compelling sense of urgency
  • Does the product address an underserved need
  • Is there a lack of social acceptance about a given condition?

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