martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

Top 10 Pharma Companies using Social Media / IMS Healtt Social Media Report

Based on the IMS Health Social Media Report which is released by the beginning of 2014 , Among the top 50 pharmaceutical companies, half do not engage with consumers or patients through social media on healthcare-related topics. 

IMS Health ranked the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies on using Social Media as follow :

  1. Johnson & Johnson 
  2. GlaxoSmithkline 
  3. Novo Nordisk 
  4. Pfizer 
  5. Novartis 
  6. Boehringer Ingelheim 
  7. Bayer 
  8. Merck & Co 
  9. AstraZeneca
  10. UCB

IMS Health used several indices to rank those companies like :

  • Reach index : which is the measure of the absolute number of listeners and the index is based on the number of people reached by each channel through likes, shares and re-tweets. 

  • Relevance Index : Which is the measures whether people found posts or content relevant and/or useful, and the index is based on the extent to which content is being shared and forwarded across social networks.

  • Relationship Index : A measure of interaction - the back and forth of conversation - and a measure of company and consumer or patient integration. f

    The relationship index measures the level of interaction between a company and those who post, reply or otherwise interact with the company’s postings.
  • Johnson & Johnson is the most social Pharma company in the world followed by GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer
  • Johnson & Johnson is the most mentioned brand on social media. 
  • Bayer has the most active and the highest fan base on Facebook. As a result Bayer is ranked no. 1 on Facebook among all competitors. 
  • Pfizer scored the highest on Twitter.

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