miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Anish Shindore* se "en red_a" con NOVARTIS/ "The competition is still in the product, not the social media page."

"The Spanish people are very passionate and outspoken; they want to express their opinions," Anish explains pragmatically, 

"They a very good country when it comes to using a medium that is already out there. However, starting a new medium is not something for which they are well known. Adaptation is very fast, but uptake is very slow. For example Facebook really only gained momentum 3-4 years ago in Spain, yet now seemingly everyone is using it.

"Novartis aspires to be the most innovative pharmaceutical company. But that is not really about 'digital' or 'social media'. R&D in medicines has to be our focus, not by innovating with some shiny new mobile app. Innovation is part of our culture, but it has to start with having good drugs. My role is to help us adapt to what the market is doing and add the possibility of interaction with customers." 

"For us and others, we are still getting too excited with social. Sure, it is the present aspect of interest, however history shows there will be equally be an opposing 'anti-social' movement in the next few years. We should ensure we do not get too far away from our core business; that is, what we do best."


Social media in Spain; core to pharmaceutical innovation? / Paul Grant

  (*) Anis Shindore eMarketing / Digital Commercialization Head for Novartis in Spain

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