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Terapias de los sentidos: Arte (en el Rijks Museum) (cont.)

Art Is Therapy wants to provoke you into rethinking some crucial assumptions about what a visit to the museum is for. Guest curators Alain de Botton and John Armstrong want to raise - and then answer in a distinctive way - the question of what the purpose of art really is. Most significantly, they want to propose that art can be looked to, and enjoyed for, its powerfully therapeutic effect. Art Is Therapy wants to throw the emphasis not on where art came from or who made it, but what it can do for you - the ordinary visitor with the concerns that trouble us all.(Ver)

Collector’s cabinet, Anonymous, 1730 
wood, h 206.8cm × w 96.5cm × d 74.0cm.

The cabinet houses many small pots and bottles containing simplicia, or medicinal ingredients. 

Several drawers are filled with minerals, fossils, wood samples, seeds and so forth. Many other drawers are empty. 

The cabinet may originally have contained a ‘universal collection’, which included small artefacts as well as products of nature, probably assembled by a cultivated and prosperous gentleman.

Visto en Amsterdam, septiembre 2014

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