martes, 10 de junio de 2014

Memo a todos los Pharma Ceo´s: Eres consciente de...antes de plantearte un ERE?

Over the past three years our industry has faced a lot of challenges from the changes that are taking place within our healthcare system and from blockbuster drugs coming off patent. This has in turn led pharma and biotech companies to shed jobs via layoffs at record rates.

However, downsizing, right-sizing, or restructuring (choose your euphemism) is an accepted weapon in the modern management drug company arsenal and it’s often a big mistake. In fact, there is a growing body of academic research suggesting that firms incur big costs when they cut workers. Some of these costs are obvious, such as the direct costs of severance and outplacement, and some are intuitive, such as the toll on morale and productivity as anxiety (“Will I be next?”) infects remaining workers. But some of the drawbacks are surprising. Much of the conventional wisdom about downsizing—like the fact that it automatically drives a company’s stock price higher, or increases profitability—turns out to be wrong. There’s substantial research into the physical and health effects of downsizing on employees— research that reinforces the seemingly hyperbolic notion that layoffs are literally killing people.(Más)

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