lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Listerine le va a Brasil / World Cup Spot Spearheads Johnson & Johnson's FIFA Sponsorship Effort

"Recomendamos un buen enjuague 
luego de darle un bocado a un italiano"

Listerine Follows A Day in the Mouth of a Football Fan

 If the link between Listerine and the FIFA World Cup isn't obvious, a new global spot for the Johnson & Johnson brand spells it out by showcasing a day in the mouth of a fan. 

The ad, by JWT London, is scheduled to run in 44 countries and builds on the "Power To Your Mouth" campaign, which launched in 2012. It shows just how busy the mouth of a soccer fan can get: blowing a vuvuzela or a whistle, eating chips and hot dogs, biting nails in anticipation, kissing a good luck coin and shouting really loudly. 

"The World Cup is a good opportunity to get people to reconsider the importance of oral care beyond cleaning your teeth, and to consider what a mouth goes through," said Mike Marquis, VP-global oral care at Johnson & Johnson. 

Listerine is Johnson & Johnson's fourth largest brand by media spending in the U.S., with $56 million allocated to measured media in 2012, according to Ad Age's National Leading Advertisers Report. It is outspent only by Neutrogena, Aveeno and Zyrtec

Though Listerine works with JWT in every market worldwide, Mr. Marquis chose the London office to handle the World Cup campaign because Brits know their soccer. "The U.K. is a hub of passion for football fans across Europe, and passion is a big part of the World Cup," he said.(Más)

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