martes, 8 de abril de 2014

M & A 2013 a menos...

2013 defied the most doom-laden predictions of being the worst year in a decade in terms of device maker acquisitions – but only just. With the pure medtech buys closed in 2013 worth less than half the 2012 total, the sector made a pretty dismalshowing , despite two deals worth more than $1bn closing in the second half. 

If the deal count is down – 16% on 2012 – the total value of medtech acquisitions has fallen even further. Just $19.3bn was spent in total last year, less than half 2012’s total. It should be noted that this analysis excludes acquisition targets with both pharma and medtech operations; only those companies listed in EvaluateMedTech as pure medtech have been included. (Más)

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