viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Pharma: A Dose of Image Building / Freda Lewis-Hall PFIZER CMO

We have to help demystify this industry even as we step up the pace of change within it. People tend to trust companies they understand and companies that demonstrate they are doing the right things. People also tend to trust companies with whom they share common interests. 

 So CMOs, along with everyone else in industry leadership, have to find more common ground with people on issues of importance for everyone. As an industry, we've set a completely new tone when it comes to one of the big "asks" of us—much more transparency and disclosure. 

 Beyond that, we are working in collaboration with many groups on essential issues of health care—including, for Pfizer, the issues emerging with the cresting of the greatest age wave in history. 

 What often moves the needle on reputation is a steady stream of medically important therapies, so we as CMOs have to continue to keep up with the pace of change in biomedical R&D. The industry's pipelines are filling, and ultimately, the way we will earn trust and respect is by delivering medicines and vaccines that are clearly valued for the ways they improve people's health.(Más)

Freda Lewis-Hall, chief medical officer (CMO) at Pfizer

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