domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Bohemian Polypharmacy

Polypharmacy is a problem, although sometimes a necessary evil. 

Is this my real life? 
Is this my destiny? 
I've been caught in a landslide, 
Must escape polypharmacy.

 I've opened my eyes, 
Looked up to the skies now I see, 
If I'm not a sick boy, I need no remedy, 
But I trusted you, you should know 
You started high, never low, 
Many guidelines are opinions so they may not apply to me, to me.

 Medications, can kill a man, 
Like a gun against his head, 
Used too many, now he's dead. 
Medications, can also help, 
So no don't go and throw them all away. 

 Medications, ooh, 
I'll give them a try, 
But if I've not improved at all by this time tomorrow, 
I won't carry on, carry on unless I'm feeling better. 

 Too late, this drug I'm on, 
Made mincemeat of my mind, 
Body's aching all the time. 
Come on some drugs have got to go, 
Gotta leave these all behind and find what works. (Más)

Do take the time to watch this fantastivideo by James McCormack.


 Gracias al "pitazo" de Antonio Villafaina
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