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The 25 most influential people in boipharma 2013

Influence is a fungible asset.

A lot of cash on hand can help tremendously, of course. But at this stage, who in this business hasn't seen billions incinerated in pursuit of sheer folly? Far more influential is the savvy executive who can marshal experts as well as financial resources in pursuit of a smarter, better, faster way to develop and market important new drugs.

And intelligent research strategies are far more rare than we acknowledge.

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You'll find some here in our second annual report on the 25 most influential people in the industry (find last year's report here).
Success also helps achieve influence, but this isn't a roster of who had the most new drugs approved or earned the biggest bonus. We've singled out the men and women who have made their impact felt on a broad number of industry players. So that means including an experienced R&D executive who started as a clinical scientist and today helps point the way for all developers when it comes to new and better cancer drugs. There's a regulator whose influence has been felt at every company planning to market a major new drug in the next 10 years. Showing leadership in research as well as commercialization--rarely seen in any one executive--helped one CEO get on the list after 25 years of patient labor.

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