viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Donde no llega el VM...llega el MSL. (cont.)

Professionals (employees of pharmaceutical companies) -- most with advanced medical, pharmacy or science degrees -- that offer credibility and objectivity of a peer, but also provide an insider's knowledge of their companies and products. MSLs coordinate the flow of clinical information and manage important key opinion leader (KOL) relationships, which can be critical to a product's success at any stage of its life cycle. 

The MSL has a thorough knowledge of specific disease states and the science that supports his or her companyÂ’s products within those disease states. The MSL is also involved in providing medical scientific information and literature for physician education and is involved with planning medical education activities such as symposia, etc.(The Pharma Marketing Glossary)

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Figure I tomada de:Insights into Medical Science Liaison Activities 

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