martes, 28 de enero de 2014

IMS: Big Data + Big Pharma = Big Money / Las "entrañas" del "Big (Pharma) Brother...

"IMS Health says it processes 
and brings order 
to more than 45 billion 
each year 
from more than 780,000 
different feeds around the world.".

IMS Health Holdings Inc. says it pulled in nearly $2 billion in the first nine months of 2013, much of it from sweeping up data from pharmacies and selling it to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The firm's revenues in 2012 reached $2.4 billion, about 60 percent of it from selling such information. 

The numbers became public because IMS, currently in private hands, recently filed to make a public stock offering. The company's prospectus gives fresh insight into the huge dollars – and huge volumes of data – flowing through a little-watched industry. 

IMS and its competitors are known as prescription drug information intermediaries. Drug company sales representatives, using data these companies supply, can know before entering a doctor's office if he or she favors their products or those of a competitor. The industry is controversial, with some doctors and patient groups saying it threatens the privacy of private medical information. 

The data maintained by the industry is huge. IMS, based in Danbury, Conn., says its collection includes "over 85 percent of the world's prescriptions by sales revenue," as well as comprehensive, anonymous medical records for 400 million patients


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