jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

Digital Marketing is Dead, Long Live Marketing!

Everything dies eventually. Print… Dead. Television… Dead… Even God… Dead. 

Well hold on to your hats, someone has said it, digital marketing is no more. 

Speaking at the Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, Dmexco, in Cologne last month, Marc Pritchard — global brand building officer for P&G — pronounced digital marketing dead

Reported in UK marketing and media magazine The Drum, he said, “We [Procter & Gamble] try and see it for what it is, which is a tool for engaging people with fresh, creative campaigns… the era of digital marketing is over. It’s almost dead. It’s now just brand building. It’s what we do.” 

So, not quite dead. Just like print, TV and God. 

Of course, Pritchard’s point was not that digital marketing is done, just that marketers need to stop thinking of digital marketing as a separate, special, discipline. Digital is a delivery mechanism not a discreet channel; he wants marketers to see technology simply as a way to reach people. 

Nigel Hollis, Executive VP and Chief Global Analyst at brand consultancy Millward Brown, sums this up perfectly: “… look beyond the pipes and plumbing of digital and social media to what really matters: engaging people with creative campaigns.” 

The message is that marketers can move beyond the mechanics of digital and use the technology to capture consumer imaginations. “But”, says Pritchard, “we can only do that if we have this one component that has been a constant since the beginning of brand building — an idea.” 

He explains that digital tools give marketers more ways to spread ideas and that, “great ideas matter more now than they ever have before, because with these digital tools at our disposal we have the chance to be successful widely beyond whatever we had imagined.” This new approach is known inside P&G as ‘Digital Back’, meaning start out with digital and work your way back to the rest of the marketing mix. “Our best agencies do that right now… it’s an approach that is building our brand equities, our sales and our profits,” says Pritchard.(Más)
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