domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Gates & Jobs en herencia...

Google and Gates are two of the largest investors in Foundation Medicine—they own 9 percent and 4 percent of the company, respectively. One motive for their investment, I think, is that DNA is a profoundly digital molecule. And now that it’s become very cheap to decode, genetic data is piling up by the terabyte. Tech executives understand that and can see how to make a business out of it. Ver

 For a company like Foundation, which sprang out of genetics labs, having Google on board has been a big help. The search giant’s venture arm, Google Ventures, which made the investment, has helped Foundation build software called the Interactive Cancer Explorer  so doctors can access DNA reports on patients. Google also lends a hand recruiting technical personnel. And it sounds as if they may be helping Foundation launch a mobile app next year.

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