miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

Pharma I+D a menos...

The Pharma R&D model is certainly suffering, and the industry’s pandemic sickness is best embodied by “Eroom’s law” of ever-decreasing R&D productivity. But it’s a lot easier to diagnose this disease than it is to prescribe a medicine. In fairness, there might not be medicine for this condition, as it could just be fatal to those unable to change fast enough. But someone asked me a question recently that made me think – what would you do if you were running R&D at a Big Pharma? Or what specific advice would you give?

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If I Were A Big Pharma Head Of R&D...

  • 1. Strategy - Invert the periphery and the core 
  • 2. Organization: Get the rest of the company out of Research’s way. 
  • 3. Governance – Establish a longer-term, science-based approach 

 Some of these ideas might be unworkable on a practical basis, but the spirit of where they are trying to steer the R&D organization of the future is clear: a healthier culture that is both more entrepreneurial and empowered to take risks, and less encumbered by legacy baggage and short-termist thinking. (Más)
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