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De Michael Jackson a Hitler: La industria farmacéutica pierde su mejores clientes...

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USA: La industria farmacéutica pierde su mejor cliente...

Ahora, según cartas y documentos personales de su médico personal, Theodore Morell, también Adolf Hitler era un "polimedicado"...
Lo publica Mirror

The reports show Hitler snorted powdered cocaine to 'clear his sinuses and soothe his throat' and used eye-drops infused with 10 per cent cocaine. 

His dosage was lowered when he began to 'crave' the illicit drug. 

Morell injected Hitler with extracts from the prostate glands or ground testicles of young bulls to boost his libido so he could keep up with his much-younger lover. 

'Morell gave Hitler a preparation called Testoviron, a kind of testosterone preparation, usually before Hitler was going to spend a night with Eva Braun,' Cambridge University historian Richard Evans said. 

'Eva Braun was young and much fitter. Hitler was much older, he was lazy, he didn’t take much exercise and I’m sure he asked Dr Morell to help him out before he went to bed with Braun.” 

Morell’s notes also reveal the dictator feared cancer and was paranoid about catching the common cold. 

 Morell treated Hitler throughout the war even though other Nazi doctors blamed him for the dictator’s dramatic deterioration and hyperactive gabbling. 

 The Irish Mirror reports the doctor confessed to administering opiates, morphine, barbiturates and amphetamines when he was captured by the Allies and accused of criminal negligence.(Más)
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