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Industria farmacéutica acusada por investigar en países pobres con legislaciones laxas.

Following reports of alleged drug testing on unknowing patients in communist East Germany, pharmaceutical firms are in the spotlight. The industry is accused of exploiting people for testing in poorer countries. 


HUMOR...es lunes: Deslocalización...Jesus Acebillo la llama "off-shoring" o "externalización global" que suena mas bonito...

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Ellos, en Novartis..."dan ejemplo".

"Many people in India live in extreme poverty and rarely have access to medical care due to an inadequate state healthcare system," said Christian Wagner-Ahlfs, a chemist with BUKO, an organization that investigates pharmaceutical companies' activities in poorer countries. "They would have to pay for medical care themselves and they just don't have the money," he added. 

Wagner-Ahlfs accuses companies of exploiting the desperate situation of these people. 

"It's of course very tempting when they are given the option of receiving medical care as part of a clinical study," he said.

The pharmaceutical lobby rejects such accusations, but cannot completely rule out exceptions among local research institutes commissioned to do the studies. In highly populous countries like India and China, it's easier to find subjects with the relevant illnesses. The participants, of course, must agree to the trial beforehand, said the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (VFA). 

"Pharmaceutical companies can even help to make improvements to the healthcare system by equipping hospitals and other medical institutes with modern technology and personnel," said VFA's Rolf Hömke. (Más)

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