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Corporate Whistle Blower Center

The Corporate Whistle Blower Center is a national initiative that is focused on assisting whistleblowers step forward to report corporate fraud, waste or abuse. The corporate fraud or abuse typically relates to contractors, or corporations over billing the federal government for services never rendered, or for defective products, such as defective pharmaceuticals, or medical devices, defense contractors over billing the federal government for services such as logistics, food procurement/distribution, security, maintenance, environmental contractors, or contractors involved in federal construction projects. The initiative is also very focused on Medicare fraud in any form. To be successful the corporate whistleblower must possess substantial proof of the wrongdoing, and the wrongdoing must exceed one millions dollars in over billing, or fraud. The Corporate Whistle Blower initiative is devoted to helping insiders or employees step forward with valuable information about corporate wrong doing, fraud, abuse or dishonesty. Our goal is honesty, fairness and integrity on the part of Corporate America. We are the national experts at taxpayer fraud, Wall Street fraud, and employee wage and hour abuse. 

The Corporate Whistleblower Center primary goal is to see to it that whistleblowers with substantial proof of wrong doing get rewarded for their information, provided the whistleblowers information is original, and not previously disclosed, and provided the over billing, or fraud is over one million dollars. If a whistleblower can prove their employer, or a contractor is defrauding the federal government, shareholders, or consumers, we will help the whistleblower package their information, and we will find the absolute best national caliber whistleblower attorneys to help them advance the claim. No other group in the world offers a service like this.

Corporate Whistle Blower Center Now Urges Pharmaceutical Industry Insiders To Call Them About Reward Programs--If They Can Prove Off Labeling Or Price Fixing Schemes

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