martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Pharma Emerging Markets 2.0. Ahora son BRICMT...

"The “winners” in emerging markets 
will be those companies that know
how to best balance their global competences 
with tailored approaches for local markets."

Participating in the survey were 12 of the top 15 global pharmaceutical players, accounting for some 50 percent of total global pharmaceutical revenues. This comprehensive study outlines how pharmaceutical companies can effectively and successfully manage their emerging-market regions.

Emerging markets have long been regarded as the “promised land” of the pharmaceutical industry. They are expected to amount to nearly a third of the global pharmaceutical market by 2016, and it is anticipated that they will play a vital role in sustainable growth in the industry. With huge populations, increasing prosperity, and improving longevity(albeit at differing rates), these markets are very attractive to those companies suffering from the stagnation of mature markets, patent expirations, and increased regulatory hurdles.

Los "BRICMT"...

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Los clientes...

Los "ganadores"...por ahora.

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Success in emerging markets hinges on broad network

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