sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Vasella confiesa (y se arrepiente) de sus pecados...

"I have committed two mistakes
 that could have been avoided,

Vasella told the Novartis general assembly on his last day on the job. 

  •  The first, he said, had been to accept a goodbye package of a whopping 72 million francs ($77 million), meant to ensure that he doesn't go work for any Novartis rivals. 

  •  The second, he added, had been to think he could calm the public outrage by announcing last Tuesday he would forgo the golden handshake, which he insisted had intended to give to charity. 

 The sum caused an outcry among politicians across Switzerland's spectrum, while the tabloid Blick summed it up as "insane", and transparency campaigners pushing for more shareholders' rights filed a lawsuit. 

 "I know that for the board, I have not always been an easy partner," Vasella told the room full of shareholders. 

 But I am responsible and I accept the criticism."

The apology came too late for some. (Más)


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