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SUIZA: Al borde del abismo (salarial) del 3 de marzo Vasella se va con 72 millones de Sfr.

Such payouts and salaries amount 
to a real provocation even for opponents 
of the Minder initiative.

Feb 15 (Reuters) - Novartis Chairman Daniel Vasella said he will receive up to 72 million Swiss francs ($77.94 million) over the next six years after leaving the company this month, news that might play into the hands of supporters of a referendum to limit "fat cat" pay. 

 Vasella told Swiss TV SRF on Friday he will be entitled to annual payments of 12 million francs if he respects the clauses of his contract banning him from working for a competitor. 

 "So that would add up to 72 million francs within six years," he told TV news magazine "Tagesschau," adding he and his family had decided to donate the money net of taxes. 

 The news comes two weeks ahead of a referendum on March 3 in which Swiss voters will decide whether they want to give shareholders in Swiss companies a veto over executive pay deals. 

Politicians questioned by Swiss TV said they were shocked about the high amount Vasella would receive after leaving the Basel-based pharma company, with minister Simonetta Sommaruga saying she was "speechless."(Más)

The Local
72-million-franc payout, revealed on Friday, elicited sharp criticism from politicians on the left and right and from business groups over the weekend.
I understand that everyone is revolted by it and so am I,” Rudolf Wehrli, chairman of business lobby group Economiesuisse was quoted as saying from Mexico on Saturday by the ATS news agency.

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