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Cinema Paradiso: ‘Side Effects’ (Efectos secundarios) / Steve Soderbergh*

Side Effects is being marketed as an exposé on the cultural and economic consequences surrounding the prescription drug industry. And for much of its first act, it is. Like many of us today, graphic artist Emily (Rooney Mara) has reason to be a depressed wreck. Husband Martin (Channing Tatum) went to jail for insider trading, demolishing their lavish lifestyle at a time when the recession was just around the bend.(...) Martin's desire to recover the financial freedom the couple once shared pushes him to seek get-rich-quick schemes that might force the two to leave New York for Houston. 

Em's psychiatrist, Jonathan Banks (Jude Law) seems as motivated by financial incentives from drug companies as he is from genuine empathy in selecting which meds he prescribes his increasingly anxiety-ridden patient. 

And then there's Dr. Victoria Siebert, (Catherine Zeta-Jones), Em's icy former therapist, who only prods Dr. Banks to prescribe Ablixa, a new anti-depressant, seemingly because she's loaded up with samples and promotional items provided to her by the latest pharmaceutical rep she's met with.(Más)

"In the midst of this treatment chaos, Dr. Banks discovers Ablixa, a promising new SSRNI that suddenly seems to be everywhere — on nametags, pens, prescription ads and TV. The good doctor even agrees to conduct a clinical trial (he needs the money), and we soon see him signing on patients who are eager for “free drugs” (ouch). Emily quickly joins the club."**

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