lunes, 28 de enero de 2013 lunes: Para procrear póngalos a enfriar en un "Underwear Snowballs"

A Brief History of Scrotal Cooling

Since the mid-Sixties, scientists have been aware that scrotal cooling could improve male fertility, but no controlled tests were done until the mid-Eighties, when the advantages of cooling were first clinically shown. By then, however, fertility had become a lucrative medical industry, and doctors found it in their interest to promote the most expensive treatments. Simpler, organic possibilities were dismissed despite an increasing number of studies confirming their effectiveness.

Now we know that the testes of men with fertility problems tend to be naturally warmer by an average of over one degree Celsius, which is significant in this delicate science. We also know that if we can lower scrotal temperature on a consistent basis, fertility will improve.

Our Patented Design
Designing Snowballs
Having discovered that there were simple, organic solutions to male infertility, it was important to us that Snowballs be designed as close to nature as possible.  We wanted our customers to understand our product from the inside out, because so much of our experiences with laboratory pregnancies had been such a mystery.


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