jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

En UK también se co_paga y..."se cobra".

SOURCECrackdown on doctors who 
prescribe expensive branded drugs 
when cheaper alternatives are available, 
wasting £1bn a year

As a result, GPs will be forced to justify their prescription costs against newly published data, allowing managers to identify those doctors who continue to prescribe expensive branded drugs rather than their generic alternatives. The move comes after a study, backed by the new NHS Commissioning Board, found the NHS was wasting £33m a month on unnecessary expenditure on two branded heart drugs alone.


One former doctor told The Independent that part of the problem lay with GP practices with on-site pharmacies. These make money for the doctors working in the practice and because the profit margins on branded drugs are substantially higher, this provides an incentive to prescribe more expensive drugs.
"One of our neighbouring practices had a pharmacy attached to it and routinely its drugs bill was always substantially higher than ours despite having a very similar patient profile," he said. "The suspicion always was that they were making money by prescribing the drugs with the highest profit margin."


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