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Menos mal que vamos mal (XVII) / Tres eran tres...J&J, Novartis y Merck

Johnson & Johnson is a research-and-development-led company that has been providing health care and consumer products for the past 126 years. In the company’s third-quarter earnings report, Johnson & Johnson surpassed analysts’ estimates and boosted its full-year forecasts on the back of solid sales.


In the pharmaceutical industry, Novartis and Merck provide stiff competition to Johnson & Johnson’s operations and market presence. The table below lists key statistics regarding the trio’s performance.

The three competing giants are very closely matched in most measures. They share the same philosophy of taking on as little debt as possible. The trio is very conservative in this regard, and thus their growth fortunes should also be kept in check. Over the past three years, the earnings growth shown by Johnson & Johnson has been overshadowed by that of Novartis, which had a meager growth percentage of only 2%. However, compared to Johnson & Johnson’s (8.6%) and Merck’s (17.8%), Novartis is the clear-cut choice.
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