jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

Acceso a medicamentos en paises en desarrollo / The Access to Medicine Index 2012

For millions of people worldwide,
medications are expensive,
non-existent, inaccessible
or of low quality.

What the Index measures

To provide a balanced picture of pharma companies' access to medicine activities, the Index measures 7 technical aspects such as R&D activities, pricing schemes, and patents & licencing policies. More on how and what the Index measures, can be found in the 2012 methodology. Every two years, representatives from all stakeholder groups refine this methodology to ensure the Index remains up to date with respect to global health priorities. A key role is played by the Expert Review Committee (ERC), a diverse team of independent experts in global health, investment and the pharmaceutical industry. The ERC provides strategic guidance and ensures that the methodology is well-balanced, transparent and effective.

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