viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Significado de los colores (Teoría)

Color, a powerful nonverbal form of communication, offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning.

The subliminal message we get from seeing a given color shapes our thoughts about whatever it is that we are observing. With this in mind, using the appropriate colors in a biotech marketing campaign will reinforce the message and emotional undertones that you hope to convey.

Here is a sample of emotions and imagery commonly associated with individual colors. Consider (or avoid) these combinations when creating marketing materials:
  • Red: passion, energy, stop, vitality, love, blood 
  • Yellow: joy, intellect, caution, youth, clarity
  • Green: fertility, money, healing, success, growth
  • White: perfection, purity, weddings, cleanliness, virtue
  • Blue: knowledge, tranquility, calm, peace, coolness
  • Black: fear, negativity, death, evil, secrecy
  • Purple: royalty, wisdom, spirituality, imagination
  • Orange: creativity, invigoration, uniqueness, energy
  • Gray: neutrality, lack of commitment, uncertainty
Taking advantage of color—by considering the personality of your brand and the colors and emotional associations that will best suit it—sometimes means daring to be different. Engaging the audience with the most impactful color choice for your biotech product will create an emotional impression that will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

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