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iPhone: Adaptación al medio (o al médico)...

El bolsillo médico que adora al iPhone

Se puede considerar que el iPhone -teléfono móvil de Apple, cuya sexta generación se presentó en San Farncisco- ha contribuido a un cambio en la forma de entender la telefonia desde que apareciese en el mercado. Sin embargo, pocos imaginaban que este dispositivo electrónico llevaría a influir en el diseño de las batas de los médicos estadounidenses. 
Según parece, algunas de ellas incorporan ahora un bolsillo cuyo tamaño se ajusta exactamente a las medidas de dicho teléfono. Es llamativo ver cómo el volumen de negocio y la influencia de las nuevas tecnologías irrumpen con fuerza hasta en el más diverso ámbito profesional.

El Economista, 13/09/2012

 "The amount of research in the use of the smartphone in medicine is rapidly growing, but there are very few good-quality studies to answer many questions about its use and the impact it may have. 
Apps for pharmacology, medical references, and a myriad of other categories are providing physicians with quick and practical medical information that will aid in education and patient care. Communication within hospitals and between patients is improving. Additionally, developing countries now have the potential to access better diagnostic tools in resource-poor regions. 
However, many obstacles still stand in the way of this progress. The question regarding whether smartphones in medicine will lead to a healthier population with better patient–doctor relationships remains to be answered. Nevertheless, the smartphone has a very bright future in the world of medicine, while doctors, engineers, and others alike continue to contribute more ingenuity to this dynamic field. It is our hope that by informing the medical community of the numerous ways in which the smartphone can be used to benefit health care providers, patients, and their families, the smartphone may one day be recognized as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool that is as irreplaceable as the stethoscope has been in the practice of medicine." (Más)

Gracias a que las aplicaciones no ocupan lugar (físico, claro) porque si no...

 The European Directory of Health Apps 

This first edition of the European Directory of Health Apps was launched on October 3rd 2012 at the European Health Forum Gastein 2012. Gastein is a key event in the Brussels healthcare calendar—an annual gathering of European-level policymakers, academics, industry and patient groups .
  • This unique Directory contains facts about 200 smartphone health apps capable of helping patients self manage their medical conditions. 
  • The Directory represents not just the first occasion on which such information has been gathered together on a large number of medical conditions—the key difference about the Directory is that the health apps it lists have all been recommended by patient groups and empowered consumers, then categorised and indexed in several ways (including by local language), to make the details easy for readers to find. 
  • Another distinction about the Directory is that it lists health apps on all of the major operating systems (Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Phone), not just apps that are carried on one. 

Se puede descargar.
  Glaxo, Sanofi y Novo, colaboraron a ello.

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