jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Tony "Hood" no, Zook (AstraZeneca) y sus planes "neocolonialistas"..."(III)

There is now an unprecedented shift of industry growth to the world’s emerging economies, says IMS. “With a raft of pharmerging countries rapidly gaining market share, we’re seeing a new world order take hold within the pharmaceutical industry,” said Murray Aitken, senior vice president, Healthcare Insight, at the firm. “It’s clearer than ever that the China market is in a league of its own, while an expanding group of fast followers are building momentum and providing additional growth opportunities. These are all diverse markets with their own unique health care funding, delivery and distribution characteristics. But collectively, they offer strong growth prospects fueled by rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP), expanding access to healthcare and, in many cases, an improving regulatory environment.”

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