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Tony "Hood" no, Zook (AstraZeneca) y sus planes "neocolonialistas"..."(II)

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In 2006, IMS identified seven pharmerging markets – China, Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia, South Korea and Turkey . In its latest study, the firm identifies three levels of such markets -

Tier I
of which consists solely of China.

The Tier II pharmerging markets are Brazil, Russia and India, which are each expected to add $5-$15 billion in annual pharmaceutical sales by 2013. Brazil and Russia have both achieved consistent double-digit pharmaceutical sales growth in recent years, while India has benefited from a rising middle-class population, improvements in medical infrastructure and the establishment of intellectual property rights, says the report.

Finally Tier III consists of what IMS terms the “fast followers” - an additional 13 countries which are now expected to contribute $1-$5 billion
each in annual sales growth by 2013. They are: Venezuela, Poland, Argentina, Turkey, Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa, Indonesia, Romania, Egypt, Pakistan,Thailand and the Ukraine. While each market is unique, they are all complex, dynamic and subject to rapid change, according to the study.

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