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GENERICOS: "Generando" conciencia (I). Crecen y crecen más que...

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THE GLOBAL generic drug industry has witnessed an almost decade-long sales euphoria and volumes and sales growth of prescription generic drugs continued to increase in 2009.

In the 12 months ended September 2009, global prescription sales growth of generic drugs climbed by 7.7%, up from 3.6% in 2008, according to US-based health care information and consulting company IMS Health. This compares with the 5.7% growth seen within the overall global pharmaceutical universe last year, says Doug Long, vice-president, industry relations at IMS Health.

During that 12-month period, global generic products generated $83bn (€59.8bn) in audited sales, according to IMS. US market data provider BCC Research estimates that the global market was worth $84bn in 2009.

"The global industry virtually had 10 years in a row of good growth - not only in prescriptions but also in sales," says Long. "All the dynamics of the generics industry were strong and it seems to have even prospered more during the economic slowdown."


The top four global generics manufacturers - Teva, Sandoz, Mylan and Watson - also accounted for 47% of the US market as of 2009, according to IMS. The top 10, which also includes Canada's Apotex, Pfizer's US-based generics business Greenstone, Qualitest Products, Mallinckrodt and Actavis US, all US, and Lupin Pharmaceuticals, the US subsidiary of India-based Lupin, accounted for 66% of the market.

"This means there are still many players out there that are pretty small and would be ripe for acquisitions or mergers," notes Long. "Everybody expects that there will be consolidation within the generic drugs industry as smaller producers are experiencing significant margin pressure in this environment."


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