viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Cronadyn / Priligy, a correr (dije correr, no reflexivo) por el spray...que "se viene".

"Before you get ahead of yourself, the spray has not yet been approved by the FDA. But the treatment did delay premature ejacualtion by as much as five times - or an average of 108 seconds - in a study of 256 men. Those whose penis tips were numbed out took an average of 2.6 minutes to ejaculate, compared with eight-tenths of minute for those given a placebo.


The product actually is a special mix of two anesthetics and is being developed by Shionogi’s Sciele Pharma, which presented the study results at the annual meeting of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America.


...a Sciele spokesman tells
The Pink Sheet that the PE business is potentially very large, maybe twice as large as the erectile dysfunction market."


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